Draft Shahabuddin bio

About Shahabuddin David Less

From the Website of the Abrahamic Reunion:

David Less

US Board Chair

‘David Less is a global teacher of meditation, conflict resolution and inter-faith dialog of over forty years. For over a decade he has been the Global Dean of the Universal Worship, an organization in over thirty countries,that honors the commonality in all religions and appreciates and respects the differences. He started promoting understanding rather than blame as a path to peace in the Holy Land in 2000 and was one of the founders of the Abrahamic Reunion shortly thereafter.’

Shahabuddin will be joined by Anna Less, an often silent but strong presence in any group. From the same website:

Dr. Anna Less, PhD

Executive Director

Dr. Anna Less, PhD, co-founded the Abrahamic Reunion in 2004. She is a peacemaker, speaker, and presenter, and is the International Co Director of the Abrahamic Reunion. As a young woman, Anna realized her life work lay with healing, and bringing harmony and balance to both individuals and communities. She was the first westerner to receive a PhD from the prestigious Zheijiang Medical University in Hangzhou, China, where she lived for four years. She has taught in medical colleges and presented seminars around the world on the principles healing.


From Wikipedia:

‘Shahabuddin David Less is a meditation teacher, author, American mystic, and Senior Teacher (Murshid) in the Sufi Order International. He is the founder and spiritual director of Rising Tide International, an interfaith spiritual community in Sarasota, Florida; co-founder of The Abrahamic Reunion, multi-faith group of spiritual and religious leaders working together as peacemakers in Israel and Palestine; and serves as International Head of The Universal Worship,[1] a universal religion that honors and invokes all the world’s religious and spiritual contributions to humanity.


Universal Meditations: Recipes for a Peaceful Mind, 2009 Universal Meditations: A Program for Quieting the Mind, 2013.’


From DavidLess.com:

About his last book on meditation:

“David Less’s practical and poetic guide to meditation has something for everyone. Imagine a guide to meditation that is written so clearly that even a beginner can learn quickly, while experienced practitioners will discover beautiful new ways to get to the mind’s still point. I have found meditation to be a fundamental tool for expanding my consciousness. Peace within is the first step in the journey to peace for us all. ”

And from the biography there:

‘David Less has been teaching meditation and inner practice for 45 years and is recognized globally as a teacher of harmonious living, health, meditation and personal transformation. He is a Senior Teacher in the Sufi Order International and the International Head of the Universal Worship, an avenue for the harmonious celebration of all of the faiths of humanity without cultural or religious bias.

‘David is a founding member of the Abrahamic Reunion, a unique group of well-respected spiritual leaders in the Holy Land and beyond, acting as a living example of harmony among the world’s religions. In 1984, he founded David Less Tours, an international tour company which is promoting sacred travel and the exchange of ideas and heart connections among peoples of the world. David has practiced Sufism for all of his adult life and travels around the world sharing practices of sound, light and breath to uplift the spirit. He is the co-director of Rising Tide International.’