Healing retreat – Newcastle

An opportunity for renewal with a retreat guide of your choice


A retreat is time out from everyday life, whether to go deeply into our inner world to find healing,
renewal and a clear sense of who we really are – or whether to relax ‘away from it all’.

Karima offers personal retreats at her house in whatever form suits you i.e. accommodation (with or
without food) – either with no retreat guide, or with your own retreat guide, or with Karima as
retreat guide. There is room for a maximum of 3 retreatants at the same time with their own rooms.

When a personal retreat is guided, it can be a powerful tool for transformation; the retreatant
focuses on the inner process to the exclusion of external stimuli. A retreat may from one day up to
ten days. Depending on the circumstances, there may be a facility for more than ten days.
Location: adjacent to Blackbutt Reserve which offers nature walks right on the doorstep; close to
other facilities and transport.

Cost: will reflect what you choose (from a minimum of $10 a day to a maximum of $50 a day)

Donations to the Sufi Healing Order are welcome.

Contact Karima: email,  02 4957 0855 or 0435 366 140