Healing Retreat with Devi Tide

Devi is offering 5 Day Personal Healing Retreats

Tuesday 17th – Sunday 22nd November

Devi Tide is the Kefayat (primary representative) of the Sufi Healing Order, North America. She is Emeritus Secretary General of the Sufi Order International and initiated the creation of the Art of Healing Foundation. With almost 40 years experience on the Sufi path, Devi is a Senior Teacher of the Sufi Order and guides individuals and groups around the world.

Devi . She travels extensively in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Pacific sharing tools for healing and transformation.



NB: The Personal Healing Retreats are in Newcastle and priority will be given to those attending
for the full 5 days. As places are limited to 12, a non-refundable deposit of $200 will secure a place.

Cost: $170 per day or $780 for 5 days

For more information and to register contact Karima

Every person has hidden within themselves an innate capability to heal that is waiting to be unveiled and developed. Throughout the centuries — the millennia — there have been schools of healing that help people to awaken this capacity. The work of the Healing Order is to offer meditative practices and techniques that develop this inner capacity.
— Devi Tide, Kefayat (Head), Sufi Healing Order — North America