Sydney – Campsie

Third Saturday of each month 

Embracing the Baraka (Blessings):  2.45 for 3 pm start

This monthly class is a combination of Murshid’s teachings from the Universal Worship, the Healing Order and the Esoteric School; and an exploration of the Chishti Silsila of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan.

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 Second Sunday of each month

Healing Circle:  9.45 for 10 am start

A short healing practice followed by the healing ritual. Please send names for the healing list of those who have requested healing to Rahima or Karima or bring the names with you.

Gatha Class: 11 for 11.15 am start

This class follows a structure involving prayers, the reading of a Gatha paper from Murshid and commentary by Murshid Samuel Lewis, practices related to the themes of the paper, and discussion.

Shared lunch:  1 pm

There is opportunity for sohbet (spiritual discussion, with guidelines for process from Pir Zia) during part of the lunch break. You may bring your own topics and/or questions for discussion if you wish.

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