What is a Healing Retreat?

Who Can Benefit From a Healing Retreat?

  • Individuals who want to step away from life to rejuvenate and replenish themselves
  • Health care professionals seeking nurturing, revitalizing and healing
  • Individuals seeking an increase in physical health and vitality
  • Individuals desiring to further develop their intuition and their ability to see the cause and need in life’s situations
  • People seeking integration and deepening of their mystical experience
  • Individuals desiring a spiritual complement to their well chosen medical support
  • Individuals seeking a deeper and more direct experience of the purpose of their life
  • Individuals who wish to focus on and work through particular life issues with the aim of developing a greater wholeness in their being

What is a Healing Retreat?

A spiritual healing retreat is an invitation to quiet the ordinary flow of your life and take a breather from your usual ways of dealing with tasks and problems. It is an invitation to renew yourself, in a deep atmosphere of peace, by tapping into the source of life, which infuses all beings and transforms and heals. The spiritual healing retreat is designed to support your whole being. You will be provided with a quiet setting and wholesome food, and given practices to connect to the source of support within you, and to connect more fully with the universe. You will meet with a certified healing retreat guide on a daily basis who will guide you and support you in this process.

People take spiritual healing retreats for many reasons. They might need a breather from everyday life in order to renew their energy. They might want to develop their ability to be present to others with compassion and love, and without judgment so they can carry a healing presence in their work and daily life. They might face a health challenge and wish to integrate a spiritual component into a sound choice of medical care. They might be working in the field of healing, seeking to renew and revitalize their own body, mind, heart and soul. They might want to develop their intuition, or they might have an important decision to make and are having difficulty sorting things out. They might yearn for a closer connection to the Divine, or a way to integrate a deep spiritual experience into their sense of themselves. They might seek for a deeper understanding of the purpose of their life. The retreat process supports all of these reasons for retreat.

A retreat can last from three to fourteen days, and rarely, longer. We suggest that you start with a shorter retreat and increase the number of days on a subsequent retreat if you wish to continue using this process. In all cases, we invite you to adopt a quiet and peaceful attitude, to be silent, and, if possible, arrange to have your responsibilities tended by someone else for that period of time.

Healing retreats are useful for dealing with challenging issues. They provide a nurturing and expansive space where one can awaken, transform, integrate, and heal. Your guide is trained to support you through the retreat process. As you look at difficulties with new eyes, you learn to use intuition and insight and a peaceful heart, without trying to manipulate and force experience. Your guide is available to offer meditative techniques to be in touch with the source of all life, that which envelops and permeates all beings; that which is there for you. Practices with breath, sound, light, magnetism, the heart, concentration, contemplation and meditation will be part of your daily routine along with resting fully, attuning to the Divine and contemplating nature.